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Nickel plated copper jewelry box



BijouxBox nickel-plated copper, offered by your online store of decoration Morocco HandMade, is a great item to have for convenient storage of your jewelry and accessories. This box was conducted by the refined care of our Moroccan craftsmen based on Fes.

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Product characteristics:

Much appreciated and made meticulously by hand, our jewelry box is a beautiful gift to provide or offer.

BijouxBox is a storage box made of nickel-plated copper that will allow you to put away all your jewelry and accessories. Aesthetic and safe, the box is particularly appreciated by women who do not want to worry about losing their accessories.
With 4 feet and a handle, it is easy to open and complete the decor of your bedroom, giving it a beautiful craft and oriental touch.

Use and functionnalities:

Are you tired of losing your earrings, your bracelets or even your necklaces? Today, you will no longer have to worry about it with the BijouxBox proposed by your store Morocco HandMade.
BijouxBox, made with nickel-plated copper , will be a beautiful decoration element in your room. Think of place it on your dresser or night stand to put away your accessories.
This box can also be used as wedding or birthday idea of a member of your family or a friend, so do not hesitate to offer this handmade gift.

Advantages :

- Box handmade with nickel-plated copper and treated anti-corrosion.

- Authentic product.

- Traditional and oriental design.

- For online purchase, delivery is free.

If you do not want to lose your jewelry is that you need this beautiful nickel-plated copper box available only from your online shop Morocco HandMade !

Materials Metal (Nickel plated copper)
Decorations idea Modern handmade, Smart, Oriental deco
Type Box
Instant Love Non
Delivery Time 48 to 72 H

Advanced features

  • Metal (Nickel plated copper)
Decorations idea
  • Modern handmade
  • Smart
  • Oriental deco
  • Box
Instant Love
  • Non
Delivery Time
  • 48 to 72 H


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