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Aluminium card holder



A designer card holder of lightweight, polished aluminum. Useful, practical, yet very elegant,  this article can  display any number of different objects, business cards, cell phones, potpourri etc. making it a shining accessory on any desktop.

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This beautiful designer card holder, of lightweight aluminumhand finished design, esthetic and practical, with a smoothly rounded form, is easily accessible as desktop storage space for your business cards, readily available for your office visitors. It can hold up to 100 business cards.

Its practical form also makes it useful as a container for potpourri, jewelry, keys, a cell phone, paper clips, or any kind of objects, according to your customer’s needs and desires. This designer card holder, from your Laetistyle wholesaler, practical and decorative, to ornate your desktop, can serve to store various kinds of objects.

Each card holder is handmade with an unfinished interior and highly polished exterior.  A guaranteed shine for your business accessories.

This holder makes an excellent gift for employees or coworkers. It also stands out as an elegant accessory in waiting rooms or hotel lobbies.

Designer card holder in lightweight, beautifully polished aluminum, practical and esthetic. Useful for all kinds of objects, business cards, jewelry, etc.

Materials Metal (Aluminium)
Decorations idea Smart, Urban design, Pure design
Type Card case
Instant Love Oui
Delivery Time 48 to 72 H

Advanced features

  • Cardière
  • Metal (Aluminium)
Decorations idea
  • Smart
  • Urban design
  • Pure design
  • Card case
Instant Love
  • Oui
Delivery Time
  • 48 to 72 H


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