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Pack of 2 wax candles



Your MHM wholesale supplier suggests to you this green lemon candle gives an extreme feeling of freshness with its fragrance.

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You are looking for a fresh, new touch in your homes? This candle is just what you are looking for.

The wax of this candle has been poured into a terracotta mold that has been hand painted in an irresistibly fresh, lime green color.The candle wax releases a refreshing scented perfume.

The cover of the candle mold is decorated with a pompom ended cord, making it easy to use, at the same time that it gives it an added touch of decorative elegance. This makes it possible to snuff out the candle without blowing, by simple applying the cover to the mold.

Your wholesale craft and design supplier recommends this original candle to decorate your  living room or kitchen. It’s refreshing color goes well with white and other shades of green.

A very original object that is sure to appeal you!

Your Morocco HandMade crafts and decoration retail dealer has a wide range of practical, elegant objects for the interior and exterior decoration of your homes.

Materials Wax, Textile (Sabra)
Decorations idea Modern handmade, Oriental deco, Pure design
Type Candle
Instant Love Non
Delivery Time 48 to 72 H

Advanced features

  • Wax
  • Textile (Sabra)
Decorations idea
  • Modern handmade
  • Oriental deco
  • Pure design
  • Candle
Instant Love
  • Non
Delivery Time
  • 48 to 72 H


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