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Nickel silver wall lamp



This wall lamp will be used as a cover for their bulbs while spreading a soft and pleasant light in your interior, it is entirely made of nickel silver metal and offered to you by your Morocco HandMade wholesaler for handmade and design objects. Available with free delivery !

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 Morocco HandMade, your specialist in crafts and design decoration provides you with this object, in the category of l ighting, where you will find also similar objects to embellish and illuminate your interior decoration.

This wall lamp is made of nickel silver metal. It is a very original object and can also be ordered in yellow copper if preferred, depending on the style of your interior decoration.

The central pattern of this wall lamp is finely cut into a delicate floral design which projects patterns onto the walls and ceiling of the room. The lamp is slightly removed from the wall in order to allow light to escape from the sides. A warm, diffused light is emitted from this lamp.

This wall lamp will spread a subdued light which will give a pleasant and Zen aspect to the interior decoration of your homes. It will lend a touch of oriental decoration to your style.

Your crafts and decoration retail dealer has a wide range of top of the line, practical, elegant objects for the interior and exterior decoration of your homes.

Materials Metal (Nickel silver)
Decorations idea Smart, Oriental deco, Pure design
Type Wall lamp
Instant Love Oui
Delivery Time 48 to 72 H

Advanced features

  • Bouclier d'argent
  • Metal (Nickel silver)
Decorations idea
  • Smart
  • Oriental deco
  • Pure design
  • Wall lamp
Instant Love
  • Oui
Delivery Time
  • 48 to 72 H


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