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Copper ceiling light



A lamp light made of copper to install in your living room for an oriental decoration. From moroccan craftsmanship, this article is designed for lovers of handicraft.

Ceiling lamp available in FREE SHIPPING.

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Product characteristics :

Le sablier is a copper ceiling light painted and perforated  with hammered and chiseled patterns that diffuse a beautiful decorative lighting.

This original ceiling light is achieved through a knowledge of the great master craftsmen. Its sleek curves gives it a unique shape and its openwork makes this decorative ceiling  an oriental design work.

Use and  functionnalities :

Your living room will be illuminated by a soft light that will put you in a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Spend the most beautiful evenings under the effect of this decorative lighting, and sublime your friends with a beautiful oriental decoration

Advantages :

- The lamp is suspended by a decorative and solid chain of copper rings.

- The height is adjustable with the copper rings, so you can change the mood to suit your taste and depending on the ceiling height

- You get FREE SHIPPING for all purchases online of this article.

Morocco HandMade proposed this beautiful ceiling light in FREE SHIPPING.

Materials Metal (Copper)
Decorations idea Modern handmade, Smart, Oriental deco
Type Ceiling light
Instant Love Oui
Delivery Time 48 to 72 H

Advanced features

  • Le sablier
  • Metal (Copper)
Decorations idea
  • Modern handmade
  • Smart
  • Oriental deco
  • Ceiling light
Instant Love
  • Oui
Delivery Time
  • 48 to 72 H


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