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Glass and copper bowl



Your Morocco HandMade wholesale supplier suggests to you this bowl made of glass and nickel silver that will enable your to complete your decoration of  table by a touch of oriental decoration. Available at this moment in free shipping !

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Your crafts and decoration retail dealer has a wide range of practical, elegant objects for the interior and exterior decoration of your  homes and here, once again, Morocco HandMade proposes to you a top of the line decoration article from the category, “table art”.

This small glass bowl, decorated with an exterior made of a nickel silver metal  silver, makes for a useful, yet elegant object.

This glass and nickel silver metal bowl can be used to hold salted aperitifs such as olives or sugary ones such as small cookies, candies etc. or as a compliment to the table setting of each individual person at the table.

This glass and nickel silver metal bowl , nom with free shipping, could also be used for washing fingers at the table. Add a slice of lemon or rose pedals and create a pleasant addition between plates during the service of your meals.

Add a floating candle to this glass and nickel silver metal bowl and you can add a touch of oriental décor to your table setting.

Practical, luxurious, discrete, this small glass and nickel silver bowl can accompany many other articles offered by your Morocco HandMade crafts and decoration retail dealer. A decoration available with free shipping !

Materials Metal (Nickel silver), Glass
Decorations idea Modern handmade, Smart, Oriental deco
Type Bowl
Instant Love Oui
Delivery Time 48 to 72 H

Advanced features

  • Coupelle des Princes
  • Metal (Nickel silver)
  • Glass
Decorations idea
  • Modern handmade
  • Smart
  • Oriental deco
  • Bowl
Instant Love
  • Oui
Delivery Time
  • 48 to 72 H


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