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Khmissa pack is a tea set that is offered by your reference in Moroccan luxury decoration, Morocco Handmade. This pack includes a teapot with a hand motif from Fatma, a tray with zellige pattern and 6 tea glasses.

This table art pack has been carefully handcrafted by professionals from Moroccan crafts based in Fes.

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Product characteristics :

This complete tea set, accompanied by its tray, was created by your Moroccan handicraft shop, Morocco Handmade.

Khmissa pack consists of three handmade items: a teapot with the famous 'Khmissa' motif, a tray with beautiful zellige patterns, both made of nickel-plated copper and a set of six glasses.

The teapot and tray are made of copper for excellent finesse in the engraved patterns. These two articles were carefully carved by hand by the great master craftsmen of Fes. The glasses, resulting from the technique of sandblasted glass, are decorated by pretty patterns in geometric form of zellige type.

Khmissa pack is a superb service to present and serve to remind the joy and good humor that the millenary tradition of Moroccan tea brings.

Use and functionalities :

Savor a good tea with your friends or family by presenting it in an elegant ensemble is possible at Morocco Handmade. The chic decoration shop offers Khmissa pack for lovers of Moroccan luxury crafts.

This set will make your table or even your kitchen more elegant.

Pack includes a teapot plus a tray on the foot to the shape and oriental motifs as well as a set of six glasses decorated by pretty geometric patterns.

Khmissa Pack is the set you need. It represents an excellent gift idea to offer for any occasion, which will undoubtedly please.

Advantages :

- Service finely worked by hand.

- Authentic Moroccan craft product.

- Aesthetic ensemble.

- Traditional and oriental design.

- For any online purchase, delivery is offered.

Khmissa Pack for a chic table decoration !

Materials Metal (Nickel plated copper)
Decorations idea Modern handmade
Type Pack tea

Advanced features

  • Metal (Nickel plated copper)
Decorations idea
  • Modern handmade
  • Pack tea


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