Direct access to the PayPal website:

Paypal is an online payment method with which you can quickly pay all your purchases at Crafts Design, simply and safely, without any additional cost.

Secure purchase: information about your bank account or credit card is only recorded on Paypal. Thus, each transaction will not be browsed on the Internet.

Simplicity: it only takes two clicks to pay, the connection is established, then Crafts Design retrieves the information from Paypal, instead of requiring each new payment.

Speed: Paypal payments are almost instant. Thus, we can send you your goods directly, which allows you to save a lot of time on the delivery.

Sign up and use Paypal immediately:

  • Open a Paypal account
  • Connect your bank account or credit card to your Paypal account
  • Now you can immediately pay via Paypal safely.

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