Hotels and Restaurants decoration

Your supplier wholesaler for handmade designed crafts offers you a large spectrum of design items to complete the decoration of your hotel or restaurant.

Your design supplier ensures a complete range of decorations for the interior of your restaurant or hotel and gives you a wide choice between a few original and practical design objects at the same time, in different categories : tableware, candles, storage ...

Artisanat Design works in various sectors of decoration and ensures the quality and the finishing of the proposed articles according to their fabrication materials that vary from one object to anotherwood, bronze, aluminium, wax, leather...

You will find on our website a structured plan on diverse styles (deco, zen &nature, pure designBaroque & chic, traditional decoration...) and categories ( lighting, storage, tableware, design carpet, decoration accessories, design candles, favourites...) to find all that  you are looking for to complete the decoration of your restaurant and make it a pleasant space.

For an alluring and ahthentic decoration, your customers  will presumably be searching for professionel help. For table decoration, your supplier wholesaler offers you a range of design products in the category " tableware". When it comes to lighting, your wholesaler suggests you explore the category for lamps, candles and photophores, if it is to decorate a buffet, Morocco Handmade implements many decoration iterms such as candlesticks, soliflores, and ashtrays of very unique design in the category "deco objects".

We will cater to all of your projects and will be at your service to ensure that the product quality is undoubtely flawless and fast delivery

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